Architecture & interior

Structural Diversion

“ View
In a line from the front to the back trough the portal

Of function, form and feeling.

An object
All layers in relationship

By subtle forms and sleek lines ”

Seas of identical terraced houses are often associated with Vinex districts.
Nowadays individuals want to be more and more different from others. That is why a catalog house is created. The design distinguishes itself in the area as concerns ​​the spatial qualities as well as the appearance to create a good chance to be elected between different designs in the building catalog.

View, combination of lines, function and human dimensions are central in STRUCTURAL DIVERSION. A combination of function, form and feeling. View from the front of the house through the portal to the back. An object, a wall element that connects all the different layers. The peace that is created by the subtle shapess.

The entrance leads you into a room where food and conviviality go together. A combination of elements in space which emphasize the length. Here you can experience that the floors embrace the wall element. A small loft that has a view over the workplace downstairs.

The workplace is located well, partially above the ground level and partially below ground level with a view in the courtyard. A spacious room that’s free dividable. It is also possible to create an extra bedroom.

Then we enter the portal to go to the other floors. In this spacious porch you can experience the connection between the different layers and the large wall element.

The living room is spacious and is free dividable. It has a surprising element that gives a view to the street.

Upstairs is a large master bedroom. The space in the room is emphasized by the high ceilings and tall windows over the whole length of the room. Next to the bedroom there is a walk-in closet where you can be relaxed. From the bedroom a staircase leads to the bathroom with a view from the bathtub to the bedroom. There’s also a surprising element through which you have a view at the outside and the structural diversity of the whole building.

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